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Biosecurity Management at Dairy Farm: Modern Concepts and SOPs LM-301 (Pre-Mid Assignment) Submitted to: Dr. Kashif Ishaq By: Muhammad Saad Ahsan 14-Arid-1957 (Morning) Introduction Spread of infectious disease have shown that it is important to prevent and control infectious disease on livestock operations. This is known as biosecurity. Biosecurity refers to management practices that reduce the chances of infectious diseases in the farm by animals or people. For dairy producers, a biosecurity plan aims to achieve three general goals: 1) Prohibit: prevent the introduction of pathogens to cattle on dairy farms. 2) Manage: prevent the spread of pathogens among cattle within a dairy farm. 3) Contain: prevent the spread of pathogens between dairy farms Exclude - Prevention And Protection Vaccination:…show more content…
Pre-weaned Calves: To protect calves: Vaccinate the dam during the dry period so immunity transfers to the calf in the colostrum. • Provide a dry, clean, well-ventilated area for calving. Avoid areas with heavy fecal contamination, mud or standing water. • Remove calves immediately after birth. Make sure calves get at least 10 percent of their body weight in colostrum within the first 12 hours after birth so they absorb needed antibodies. • Dip the calf’s navel in iodine immediately after birth. • Feed only colostrum from disease-free dams. Wash the udder before collecting colostrum, and test with a colostrometer to ensure adequate quality. • Keep calves separated from older animals. • Clean and disinfect equipment between calves. • Pasteurize waste milk to be fed to calves. • Sanitize the chains between uses. • Develop a vaccination program to protect calves against diseases known to affect the herd. If they test positive for certain diseases, such as BVD, kill them as soon as possible. • Prevent surface from adult cow areas from coming into contact with calves. Contain – Handling and Segregation of dead animals, effluents and

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