Argumentative Essay On Milk

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Do you ever sit and wonder where the milk in your bowl of cereal has come from? “The supermarket” may be many children’s answers. For us, milk is easily accessible, just pop to the shop and pick up a carton. However, the milk you are consuming in your cup of tea whilst sitting back enjoying the TV, has come a long way through a lengthy process. Do cows not just produce milk which ends up in our shops, all hunky dory for us to buy? Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that, that’s not the case. More people need to be educated on the dairy industry and what is going on behind our backs: the process in which a calf goes through from birth onwards, the brutality of dairy farming and the harsh conditions in which cows are living in, the cost of milk, antibiotic resistance and the process of how milk goes from farms to shops. Further education on the dairy industry…show more content…
In turn, this is developing drug-resistant superbugs – which humans are consuming when they drink milk or eat beef. Most farms have been adding antibiotics to cow feed since about the 1940’s as studies have shown that when the animals consumed the antibiotics it caused them to grow faster, put on more weight and produce more. Superbugs (antibiotic resistant bacteria) are a growing health crisis as infections and diseases are becoming nearly impossible to treat due to the cost and lack of medical science knowledge. A quote taken from DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Minister for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity, Lord Gardiner, showed that “Antibiotic resistance is the biggest threat to modern medicine and we must act now to help keep antibiotics effective for future generations.” Again, this shows that not only are the farmers putting their cattle at risk, they are putting humans at risk, by feeding us secondary antibiotics. This shows that we can educate ourselves to improve our diets and stay away from

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