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Review of Literature: 3.2: Brucellosis: 3.2.1: Introduction: Brucellosis is a worldwide problem in terms of health and economy affecting both human and animals. It has great public health significance because it can be transmitted both directly and indirectly to human with consequence illness causing incapacitation and loss of man power but also because of serious diminution of much essential and important food stuff. (WHO.,1971). In India, brucellosis is recorded in almost all states but the scenario differs between states and is present in different species of mammalian farm animals including cattle, goats, buffalo, yaks, camels, horses, and pigs respectively( Renukaradhya et al.,2002). Consumption of unpas¬teurized dairy products, contaminated food, and occupational contact are the major risks of brucellosis infection to man (Godfroid et al.,2005). Contact with infected materials such as aborted fetuses, placentas, urine, manure, carcass, and salvaged animals cause human brucellosis in 60%–70% of cases observed (WHO.,2006). Infection by contact is found among the occupational groups such as veterinarians, abattoir workers, farmers, animal handlers, and others who work with animals…show more content…
Human brucellosis is found to have significant presence in rural/ nomadic communities as people live in close association with animals. The Worldwide, reported incidence of human brucellosis in endemic disease areas varies widely, from 200 per 100,000 population. Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Syrian Arab Republic reports a combined annual total of more than 90,000 cases of human brucellosis (Awad et al.,1998). The low incidence reported in known brucellosis-endemic areas may reflect the absence or the low levels of surveillance and reporting (Mc Dermott et

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