The Effects Of Cybercrime

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The reason to why have I chosen this issue is because cybercrime is an arising issue in Pakistan and I am acquainted to individuals who have been made victims of cybercrime. Terms such as Internet fraud, cyber bullying, and identity theft etc. all come under the world of ‘Cybercrime’. The damages caused by cybercrime vary depending on the type of crime committed. Damages caused by cybercrime can affect a person both psychologically and economically. A person commits cybercrime either by being motivated economically, personally or ideologically. As the amount of personal information being stored online increases, so does the potential reward for cybercriminals. By the use of technology, criminals can easily hide their identities, commit their…show more content…
One of the most harmful cybercrime is identity theft. As bad as it sounds, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and it costs people billions of dollars every year or so. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Around 245,000 complaints on identity theft were filed over the period January-December 2006. This is about 36% of all fraud complaints during the year. Out of the identity fraud complaints, credit and debit card fraud represents around 25% of the identity theft complains filed over 2006. (2007) The reason why identity theft has become so common is because it is an easy way for criminals to steal money from their victims anonymously. The way it works is that the criminal targets the person bank accounts, credit and debit cards and even social security numbers( Known as CNIC in Pakistan) which carry information about a person’s identity. A cause of identity theft is because less than half of the population does not shred documents containing sensitive before throwing them away and about half of UK residents check their financial statements every now and then. More than 17 Million Brits were made victims of cybercrime with loses of up to 130 Billion pounds. This makes up for 2% of the 978 Million people affected by cybercrime and about 4% of losses worldwide. Another cause is that people fail to monitor the websites they visit. Many websites…show more content…
One in three online teenagers have been a victim of cyberbullying and it is said that girls are more likely to be victims. Cyberbullying is quite common but most teens says that they are more likely to be bullied face-to-face rather than on the internet. Cyberbullying behaviors may be threatening, annoying or somewhat gentle; it all depends on the circumstances. Most teenagers have reported that someone has publicly posted a chat which they thought was to be kept private and many teens report that they had someone had spread rumors about them online and have also received threatening messages. The main cause of cyberbullying is that a person can bully a person anonymously and easily which makes the bully feel stronger and promotes a sense of superiority among them. Many bullies prefer cyberbullying as these days people easily believe anything they see or read online for example, it’s like someone has recorded someone fighting with someone, made changes to it and then uploaded it online. Teens who create online content such as uploading pictures or videos are more likely to report bullying than their peers. As a result, cyberbullying makes the victims feel depressed and can sometimes even lead to a person committing suicide. In Cyberbullying, there is no physical damage, it’s all done to damage a person physiologically and emotionally. Emotional damage can lead to person experiencing a change in lifestyle and it reduces their social

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