Phnom Penh Case Study

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Phnom Penh's Best - The Top 5 Funky Hostels Phnom Penh is a city replete with natural wonders. If you are in this side of Cambodia, you will be amazed at its French colonial structures that played witness to the country’s history. The Mekong River and the Tonlé Sap are natural attractions that draw tourists from around the world. The grand boulevard lined with trees is a favorite spot for exercising and meeting new friends. The largest city in Cambodia is peaceful and a perfect place to while away. While planning your next stop in Asia, make sure you book in advance in Phnom Penh’s top 5 funky hostels. 1. The Mad Monkey Hostel Phnom Penh-This hostel located on Street 302, Building 26 in Phnom Penh BKK1 is highly recommended for travelers who want to make most of their time in the city. It is the top destination in Phnom Penh because it has friendly staff, near to major attractions. Amenities include free Internet or WiFi access, free parking, a bar and lounge for party animals. Guests are all praises for the staff especially Jaffa, an English guy who is so friendly and accommodating. There is an air of conviviality and good vibes…show more content…
Eighty8 Backpackers-Guests are delighted to stay at this hostel because the atmosphere is cool and relaxing. The amenities include swimming pool, pool table, restaurant, bar & lounge, free high speed Internet or WiFi access. Free parking and laundry service are available. You can choose to stay in suites and non-smoking rooms where there is an air-con, comfortable mattresses, lockers, reading light and bathrooms with hot and cold shower. The 20 rooms are all clean and well-maintained by its friendly staff. Tasty meals and drinks are served downstairs where you will meet new friends. Their smoothies and shakes taste great. Guests would prefer to stay at Eighty8 Backpackers as it is easy for them to commute since the tuktuk is right in front. Its location on 88 Street is a walking distance to the Riverfront , restaurants and

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