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In this article, Ferganchick-Neufang and Julia discusses how being a target of massive online harassment, whether based on sex, race or any other inherent issue, can be indescribably devastating and distressing. Ferganchick-Neufang and Julia further explain that most women and gender non-conforming persons are everyday victims of online aggravations. These range from invasive intimidations to assassination coercions from culprits. Most online spaces are traditionally viewed as male dominated domains and the presence of women sometime draws mixed reactions from chauvinist minded individuals (5). The article suggests the provision of actionable guidance particularly for women who are the primary targets is long overdue. The authors also explicitly…show more content…
The article suggest the crafting of relevant legislations or policies that are necessary in mitigating these effects without being accused of violating personal policy and space is challenging (Bartow and Ann 32). However, the author asserts that there are other ways that can be applied in controlling and reducing any form of online harassment among women. Wolak further explains that online harassment mostly occurs when the internet user attracts the attention of the wrong person and as a result is obliged to endure unprecedented level of hostility or bullying (52). Some of the women and girls are forced to endure attacks on private lives among other very disturbing comments that can ultimately be detrimental that amounts to online…show more content…
The journal is on survey of cases of online harassment and suggests the introduction of such tools that reports and controls harassments or unwelcomed comment and that they should be placed under the control of the online users. For instance, the social networking websites should have a configured blocking application that also filters the harassing comments. The sites should also have automated applications that allow users to carry out effective tracking and restricting the online obtainability of personal data and information. Correspondingly, Finn and Jerry suggest that an application that stores the evidence of the harassing comments will be useful to the digital rights enforcement agencies in contemplating a legal redress against the accused. The usability and secrecy online application tools should be improved as this will be crucial in controlling both offline and online

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