Cyber Crime Against Women

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The world's 1st computer specific law was established in the year 1970 by the German State of Hesse as 'Data Protection Act, 1970' with the advancement of cyber technology. With the advancement of technology the misuse of technoglogy has also extended to its optimum level and after that there emerges a need of strict statutory laws to control the criminal exercises in the cyber world and to ensure technological advancement system. In India, cyber crime against women is a new concept.It can be noticed that when India began her journey in the field of Information Technology, the prompt need that was felt is to secure the electronic commerce and related communications and not cyber socializing communications. The drafters of the Indian Information…show more content…
While commercial crimes and economic crimes were respectably overseen by this Act, it miserably failed to prevent the growth of cyber crimes against people including women (Halder & Jaishankar, 2008).However, it took almost eight years for the Indian parliament to make an modified all exclusive information technology law which tries to regulate illicit cyber activities with prime center towards assurance of electronic commerce. Amid this hole of eight years of the disorderly rebellious circumstance, India saw development of cyber crimes and observed vulnerably the execution of cyber crimes against women specifically. Often the laws that were utilized to battle crimes set a wrong case and disarray; women victims were discourged to report the crimes by companions; quick media…show more content…
The Oxford word reference characterizes stalking as "persuing stealthily". Cyber stalking includes taking after a man's movements over the Internet by posting messages (once in a while threatening) on the bulletin boards frequented by the victim, entering the chat rooms frequented by the vicitm, continously bombarding the casualty with messages etc. Cyber Stalking more often than not happens with women, who are stalked by men. Ordinarily, the CYber stalker's victim is new on the web, and unpracticed with the guidelines of netiquette & Internet security. Their fundamental targets are females, kids, emotionally weak or unstable. It is trusted that Over 75% of the victims are female. The thought processes behind Cyber stalking have been divided into four reasons, to be specific, for sexual harassment, for obsessed love, for vengeance and hate and for ego and power strips. Cyber stalkers target and harass their victims by means of rooms, discussion forums, open publishing sites (e.g. online journals and Indy media) and emails. The accessibility of free email and website space, and in addition the obscurity gave by these chat rooms and discussions, has added to the increase of Cyber stalking as a type of

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