Ethical Issues In Cyber Hacking

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Information technology plays a major role in our day to day life even though you are not in the field of Information technology you might not aware how Information technology touch your life secretly. Information technology is a system consists with soft wears, hard wears, applications and much more programs to fulfill human needs and wants accurately and with the best quality. With the steps of Information technology Business, Education , Health care , Transportation , Security etc. industries have been redesigned in an effective manner. With the continues improvement of Information technology globalization has increased and the world became much closure to every human and communication has become much easier , faster , and cheaper and all…show more content…
Theft: when a person violates copyrights and downloads music , videos . books , articles etc. which is consider as illegal downloading. Identity theft: engage with the cash transactions and bank services by using victim`s identity(name).Malicious software , Cyber stalking and many more . Cyber harassment or Cyber bulling is attempts to target an individual by directly contacting him\her self or indirectly using their personal information causing them fear and disappoint. And this can be happen to any person at any place ,any time ,at any age without considering their social status. If you feel that an anonymous party has been checked your personal email account without your permission , entering your social media accounts and spreading false information or gossips about you or share your photos ,locations without your permission or changed your…show more content…
The crime of cyber stalking occurred due to the Americanism in early 21st century and this can be committed by use of electronic communication. Most of the time the victim may received emails , messages , posts from an anonymous person who is try to control his life by threating or by making fear. Cyber stalking includes with solicitation for sex, conduct defamatory activities against to the victim, false accusation, vandalism, identity theft etc. most of the time the stalker acts with the anger to revenge on the particular victim or to get his control so that the stalker tries to damage the reputation of his victim so the stalker try to gather more information about the victims online activities as well as his personal behaviors and try to monitoring victim`s day to day activities and encouraging others to harass the victim. Generally, most of the victims are between 18-30 of age and most of them are women who use internet

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