Ashley Madison Case

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The cyber-attack on Ashley Madison, as well as its twin sister site, Established Men, supposedly insured by American International Group Inc. (AIG) and Axis Capital Holdings Ltd. (Axis), an online website that is meant to facilitate extra-marital affairs, was recently perpetrated, and announced as of the fifteenth of July in two thousand and fifteen. This attack shows the dangerous and expensive nature of cyber risk. The mid-July cyber-attack of the extramarital affair website, the perpetrating party demanded ransom for the continued protection of the users’ information, has continued and bled over to a legal matter, in which litigation has occurred, seeking a number above five hundred million dollars, U.S. standard, from the website owner,…show more content…
Released on the website ‘BitTorrent’ in the form of ten gigabytes worth of compressed data, and which was posted on a Dark Web site only accessible via the anonymity site ‘Tor’. The data was signed cryptographically in tandem of a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)…show more content…
However, I cannot argue this point. Instead, I must, in my capacity, expose the un-ethical means and conduct of this hacking group “The Impact Team”, which may be referred to as a “hacktivist” group by some and criminals by others. ALM (Avid Life Media Inc.) is, ethically, in this case the corporate victim, and, of course, the users’ of Ashley Madison, as well as its sister site Established Men (which is an extramarital affair site for females, so basically the version of Ashley Madison meant for women). They were illegally attacked on the cybernetic front, and the users’ were unfairly exposed to public ridicule and shame. And this is a psychological damage that, as a punishment, far exceeds the scope of the crime. Those that betray their spouses in events like this still deserve the chance to work through things and just possibly re-build what was broken. But to publicly expose situations like this, could quite possibly worsen the already immense damage incurred. This would not only shame and hurt the perpetrating spouse, but also the victimized spouse via shame and constant reminders of this said

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