Coostrum Case Study On Athletic Performance

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Introduction Colostrum is literally the first food that naturally comes from mother milk. It is the pre-milk fluid that all female mammals give their newborn baby in the first few days after birth. Human babies acquire their immunity in the womb prior to birth, receiving immune factors via the placentas. Colostrum is "a hot supplement in the athletics world," according to Dr. Louise Burke, the Head of Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Factually, many world-class athletes are known to take it regularly. The reason it is receiving so much attention lately is due to the rapidly growing body of clinical evidence that demonstrates how it can support athletic performance. According to Appukutty et al (2012), Bovine colostrum…show more content…
It helps to maintain their performance level. Bovine colostrum also gives extra energy as it may boost up during competition. It it the popular dietary supplement for many athletes. Colostrum may benefit to other people such as useful to people who have to do physical exercise in hot conditions and weather as they are susceptible to heatstroke. This supplement reduces the very serious risk that they have to bear with. More than that, people with arthritis who develop serious gut problems because of the strong painkillers that they use and those with ulcerative colitis. These group of patients is at risk of damaging their gut lining. So, the colostrum helps it to heal and reduces its…show more content…
Research shows that colostrum can help to increase strength and endurance better than whey protein. More than that, colostrum helps in building lean muscle mass. Dr. Jose Antonio (2001) study that the colostrum produced a significant increase in bone-free lean body mass (muscle) while the milk whey did not". Furthermore, it helps to burn body fat quickly. Moreover, colostrum may boost immune function which typically dips after strenuous exercise. An athlete is susceptibility to infectious disease can be reduced through proper nutrition including colostrum supplementation, an adequate sleep, sufficient recovery between workouts and avoidance of exposure to sick people during the time of heavy training and competition. In addition, colostrum shorten recovery time as it helps accelerate healing of injuries because athletes are easy to get injured if they are not doing an exercise properly during a tournament or even during training time. the healing of an athletic injury whether it involves bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments or other tissues is influenced by numerous growth factors and cytokines which are naturally present in

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