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To Kill a Mockingbird is a book based in around 1933 during the Great Depression, a relentless worldwide economic depression that took place during the 1930’s. While taxes rose, prices and profits dropped by a lot and many nations were suffering. Black people usually working for white people lost their jobs and people were being racist. In chapter 15, men came to the town jail where Atticus is and threatens so that Atticus will stop defending Tom Robinson who was accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Since there was no tolerance for colored people at that time, the men who ganged up on Atticus wanted him to stop defending Tom because he was black but Atticus who is always kind, fair, and always fights for justice, didn’t stop. From what is written about the clothings of the men, we can conclude that they were farmer and amongst them was Mr. Cunningham who probably addressed to everyone where Atticus was. The men ganging up on Atticus had nothing to do with Tom’s case but yet, they decided to go to Atticus and ask him to stop defending Tom Robinson. People in Maycomb knew that “In Maycomb, grown men stood outside in the front yard for only two reasons: death and politics” (Lee 193). This quote is pretty literal and it means that when people are gathering around in a front yard, it means that they are talking about someone’s death or politics. For example, people…show more content…
Racism during the great depression was harsh especially in the South where Maycomb was located. The men who were probably from Maycomb were really racist toward black people even if they had no money at all. For example, the Robinsons and Cunninghams were as equally poor but it was pretty obvious that the Cunninghams had way more power than the Robinsons. Scout realizes the inequality, unfairness, and the racism that Atticus tries to overcome but the men don’t stop because they want the town to stay the same where white people are way more important than black

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