Persuasive Speech On Cyber Bullying

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"You are not good enough. You are ugly. You are worthless. Nobody loves you. These are thoughts that sweep the nation on a daily basis, specifically the thoughts of teens. One of the most sly and common ways these thoughts are planted into the precious minds of teens is through cyberbullying. About half of young people have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly. Thirty two percent of online teens say they have been targets of a range of annoying or potentially menacing online activities. Fifteen percent of teens overall say someone has forwarded or posted a private message they’ve written, thirteen percent say someone has spread a rumor about them online, thirteen percent say someone has sent…show more content…
We tend to use these rights for our own self interest.""Freedom of speech"" is used as a defense mechanism to deflect criticism, when in reality it was framed in order to promote communities that rule over themselves. Cyberbullying, sadly, goes into the “freedom of speech” category. As much as it seems like there is no way to legally prove them wrong, they are still not remaining loyal to the Constitution. They are not following the responsibilities that every citizen is required to follow. It’s like a blessing from a parent to a child. The more we are blessed the more responsibilities we have. One of the most important responsibilities every U.S. citizen has is to support and defend the Constitution. The Constitution was written for the good of all, therefore, if individual rights is interfering with peace and prosperity of an entire nation, then I believe that individual rights need to take the back seat for a while. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, are the words of our greatly revered president, Abraham Lincoln. It’s just like having siblings. It may have been my turn to call shotgun, but for the sake of having peace in the car, I will remind them kindly that next time is my turn and sit

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