Customer Satisfaction Theory

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In this article the analytic research describes various perceptions and theories that relates to service quality and customer satisfaction. This article consists of various definitions with regard to service quality, recognized service quality and customer assumptions, and it also defines the relationship between customer prospect, acceptance and satisfaction. This article contains and describes different gaps that are connected to service quality as recognized by consumers. This article gives us various definitions about expectations and perceptions and the relationship between them. This article discuss about topics like service quality, customer perceptions and expectations and service quality model. There are various definitions with…show more content…
He states that satisfaction can be related as the difference between expectations and perceptions. Researcher, Mr. Parasuraman said that in service related business, service quality is of high significance which is refined to determine customer’s recognition of service quality but this was basically developed from the Gap Model. The model attempts to show the salient activities of the service organization that influences the viewpoint of quality. Moreover, the model shows the interaction between these activities and identifies the connection between the key activities of the service organization or marketer which are significant for the delivery of a satisfactory level of service quality rendered. The interconnection is referred as discrepancies or gaps. Based on these gaps or discrepancies the researchers developed a model called service quality model . The gaps include : Gap 1: This gap recognizes the differences with regard to the concept of service quality between consumers’ expectations and management’s…show more content…
A satisfied customer does always have a major impact on an organization’s profitability, development and growth. For a business to be successful a satisfied customer plays a key role as the satisfaction of the customer ends up in brand loyalty, repeat purchases, and references. Researchers have brought into notice the fact that satisfied customers may share or refer their experience to few other customers only. On the other hand a dissatisfied customer may share with more people about their experience in relation to any product or service. Researchers have emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction in relation to quality service that is being provided. We may say that customer satisfaction is the result that is experienced by those whose expectations were satisfied by a company’s performance. Experimental evidences also stipulate the relationship between a customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and restraint. In today’s world all companies are realizing the importance of delivering and managing good service quality, which leads to customer satisfaction. A customer’s prior expectations have a major influence on the service quality that is delivered which shall meet or exceed his expectation. As identified in literature, service quality assessment is the variation between the expectations of a service and

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