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1. Introduction The foodpanda group was founded in March 2012 founded by Ben Bauer (CMO) and Ralf Wenzel (CEO) is a global mobile food delivery marketplace, which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and operating in 40 countries and territories, including India, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh and Singapore. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place order via the mobile application as well the website. The company has partnered with over 580,000 restaurants. Foodpanda processes and sends orders directly to partner restaurants, who then deliver to customers. The service is available via websites and mobile apps. Customers order food by entering their postcodes on the site and browsing for food from a list…show more content…
The company could have none of because they couldn’t find any transaction and hence which kept them stalling. This wasn’t it, the company rarely processed their orders to the restaurants or mostly the customers themselves communicate with the restaurant chains. There was a lack of ownership and the lack of process. This led to a chaos between the company and the other business partners. One of the official of the company stated that they had no clue about the company’s lack of processing…show more content…
Later, on asking about the contract to the former co-founder of the company through an email reply where he stated that the contract was budgeted for INR 75 lakhs to ensure the best interest of Foodpanda, Now here, when there is no particularity of the expenses which are aired and then stated to be less clearly reflects how ethical such manipulating company would be. 2.4) Misdirecting through offers The company started giving schemes for the orders which were placed online and in which it was either a BOGOF or a flat 50% off. Here one of the owners of the hotel were talked about the same where he said, foodpanda have to return the total amount of the order placed by reducing their cut of 12%. And when asked if the order was delivered to which the owner denied. Such practice of business is not an example of a well planned business but a failure by misguiding their customers as well as their partners. Is this ethical? No. Such companies set and motivate crime and with such examples no law frightened business would run. 2.5) Bad debt for the

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