Reactive Customer-Driven Quality Model

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Chapter 5 1. Customers are the receivers of goods or services. Internal customers are employees that are receiving goods or services from within the same firm. External customers are the bill paying receivers. The ones that you are trying to satisfy at work. Customers are involved in an economic operation in which something of value has changed hands. It is important to distinguish between these customers because you want to make sure that you have quality both internally and externally. The internal customers have a direct effect on what goes to the external customers. 2. Customer-Driven Quality represent a proactive approach to satisfying customer needs that base on gathering data about customer to learn their needs and preferences…show more content…
Reactive Customer-Driven Quality states that is characterized by a supplier reacting to the quality expectations of a customer rather than proactively anticipating customer needs and expectations. The Reactive Customer-Driven Quality model demonstrates conceptually and graphically the primary pitfalls and dangers of reactive customer-driven quality. Although a supplier to a customer might desire to provide high quality service to the customer, the reactive posture engendered in the reactive customer-driven quality approach will cause the supplier to fall further and further behind the moving target over time. The company that takes the precaution of long range planning will have a better chance of prospering. The company that simply reacts, will not. Manufacturers and service organizations attempting to meet customer expectations are pursuing a moving target. The difference between world class and ordinary suppliers lies in whether suppliers stay ahead of the target or fall behind the…show more content…
A strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. With strategic alliances you can block a competitive threat. Strategic alliances are definitely good for planning and getting things in order. When corporate strategies change as a result of a changing business environment the assumptions which the strategic alliance was originally based also change. With strategic alliance agreement could help a company develop a more effective process, expand into a new market or develop an advantage over a competitor. It involves organizations to pursue opportunities at a faster rate than if the organizations functioned alone. An alliance provides access to additional knowledge and resources owned by the other party, which may ease the learning curve for the new pursuit and relieve set up time and costs. 9. I once had cell phone service thru AT&T they promised that I would have excellent service at my home, even on the inside of the home. After purchasing the pay in advance service because I didn’t want to sign a two year contract because I wasn’t for sure it worked as good as they said. I was right to do what I did cause I was stuck using that phone for a month without service at my home. So I found a different service provider and now I have service everywhere I

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