Culture And Culture In Nigeria

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It is not only in the field of global analysis that culture has emerged as a key concept in recent years. If culture is said to be the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society or social group, then there must be a synthesis in the imperatives of interaction between culture and religion (Christianity) in the contemporary context in Nigeria. This paper explores the articulation of the position and functions of cultural custodian (traditional rulers) in the context of the principles and practice of religion, and culture in Nigeria. The mish-mash conflict between the demands of Christian morality and those of customary constitutes a daily problem to a large number of baptized…show more content…
With the above glowing picture of the concept of religion and culture, the question being asked today, whether our cultural custodian (traditional rulers) contribute and hold on to tenets of the people’s culture? The accolades accorded to the Nigerian culture in the past are no longer in vogue judging from the happenings around various ethnic groups in Nigeria today. It has become a common phenomenon among some ethnic or social groups in Nigeria today that culture is not important anymore and it contradict their faith in religion. In retrospect, in the annals of missionary, colonial history and enterprise in Africa, many powerful African cultural custodians are prominent. Most of them were wise custodians who welcome the missionaries to whom they donated lands for development-lands for the building of schools, churches, hospitals, residential quarters, etc. Most of them cherished the presence of the missionaries in the development of the…show more content…
In the past, culture and the traditional institution, known to be scared. It is apposite to say that no sane person runs away from the good unless the good is presented in a bad way. The truth of the Christian religion is mistakenly the loftiest thing that can be given to humanity. It should provoke serious questioning after it is well-presented in people’s cultural milieu that the person should abandon that truth to seek refuge and freedom elsewhere. But where the presentation is for is alien to adherents, then they may fail to grasp the message and then look for alternatives that suit their motives Nevertheless, the quality of Christian belief and practice, of understanding and commitment leaves much to be desired. The strategies of conversion and socialization were, in large measure, responsible for many of the defects and deficiencies that exist in the Christian churches. A meaningful program of dialogue with Nigeria culture and practice can help bail the Christian religion out of its present malaise in Nigeria. Europe has put chains on Nigerian Christian by foisting uncongenial and incompatible religious and social institutions on

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