Buyer Behavior In Nigeria

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The theme of Unit 3 is buyer behavior. Make a journal entry that answers the following question: How does culture, personality and experience influence buyer behavior in your country? In Nigeria, where I came from, culture, personality and experience has influenced buyers behavior in diverse ways. Presently, Nigeria has more than 374 ethnics groups and each of these groups function in different cultures. There mode of behavior differs from one ethnic group to another, from one local market to the other. Buyers behavior in Nigeria is something that can be easily identified. Achumba (1996) sees it as the activities of people who are involved and engaged in the potential use of market ítems such as products, services, ideas, and information.…show more content…
Since there are variations in needs and marketing opportunities, it follows that an understanding of a people’s culture is important to marketers. For example, consumers buy products primarily for the purpose of attaining a variety of needs satisfaction, which normally have to be consistent with their cultural values and marketers need to be familiar with the behaviour of consumers so as to better understand what buyers are really seeking in the purchase of their products. It is more important for a companies to understand the needs and motives of their customer and treat it as fundamental. Motives such as what consumers’ buy, why they buy, where they buy, how often they buy, and how often they use what they buy. PERSONLITY AND EXPERIENCE Personality involve a set of human psychological traits that lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to environmental stimuli (Mullin, 2010). It describes the organization of the individual’s distinguishing character traits, attitudes and habits (Kotler and Keller,…show more content…
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