Relationship Between Culture And Economic Diplomacy

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4. Nigeria’s Foreign Policy in relation to Economic Diplomacy Today’s governments are facing immense competition from other actors such as religious groups, private sector, media, immigrants and all other possible entities of the civil society who are demanding from the government that they do have a say in making and implementing foreign policy. Economic diplomacy which is gradually overtaking the politics oriented traditional diplomacy. With the growth of transactional economic interactions, the world market has expanded holistically which dramatically increased the level of trade and ever tightening economic interdependence among countries and the ever growing impact of international economics on domestic economics . Since Nigeria’s Independence…show more content…
The correlation between Culture and Economic Diplomacy is beneficial because it includes the exchange of information, ideas and other aspects of culture among various nations in order to foster mutual understanding and agreement. The purpose for the correlation between Culture and Economic Diplomacy is for foreign nations to develop understanding of the nation’s institutions and ideals in an effort in building support for political and economic goals. Public diplomacy could encompass Culture and Cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy helps to advertise and amplify culture and society to the world at large. Cultural Diplomacy could be called the linchpin of public diplomacy due to the ability of cultural activities in demonstrating the best of a nation. The efficacy of Culture in Economic Diplomacy is inter-twined because an effective projection of a nations cultural activities and be a vital factor for economic…show more content…
A nation attracting business must be very proactive rather than being relegated, they must explore opportunities and learn to bring them and inject them at home. Nations have diplomatic corps that are trained and are able to promote the nations culture, economic prowess and market share overseas in other to drive economic traffic into their economy. 6. Conclusion Culture and Economic Diplomacy which serves as an interesting topic dealt on how Culture can be a tool to foster economic diplomacy. It is said that Culture basically is a way of life of a certain group of people, the beliefs, behaviours, symbols and values that they adhere too and are passed along from one generation to another, while Economic Diplomacy serves as the framework of serving economic strategic interest of the country by using economic instrument in conducting state to state relations. In this paper, I discussed the Correlation between Culture and Economic Diplomacy while further explaining Nigeria’s Foreign policy on how it inter-twine with Economic Diplomacy. I explained that A nation needs to projects it culture, market share and economic prowess using the tools of Economic Diplomacy in other to achieve vital economic growth and output

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