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Within the wide field of forensic science the scientific examination of handwriting has one purpose, to provide information about the identity of an individual for the benefit of a court of law. Identification of an individual through handwriting is a complex and difficult task. The expert should have detailed knowledge about the handwriting; he should know how handwritings have developed, how it has been taught and how it varies under different circumstances and why person writes in the same fashion always. They are concerned with identification of the writer of a piece of questioned writing, the recognition of simulated signatures and other related matters proving in court of law. For the scientific examination of the handwriting, the expert…show more content…
There are 2 types of handwriting characteristics present in individual handwriting:  Class characteristics  Individual characteristics Class characteristics are present in the group of people and are develop at the onset of learning to write. Class characteristics help in determining whether the person is experienced or not and help in comparing and evaluating the known sample from unknown sample. It tells whether the writer writes with high skill or low skill. Whereas individual characteristics reveal the identity of an individual. Once the class characteristics are matched successfully then the expert goes for individual characteristics and if they are also matched successfully means both the handwriting are of same origin. CLASS CHARACTERISTICS: 1. LINE QUALITY 2. SKILL 3.…show more content…
Tremors consist of defective line quality and form when there is little or no control of the hand over the writing utensil (pen) to hold and write. ALIGNMEMT- this shows how letters are adhere to the baseline. When writing on the plain sheet our handwriting either go upward or downward or in between or inconsistence. In upward, the writing is going in upward direction and forming convex shape whereas when going downward it forms concave shape and when the writing is showing both upward and downward movement we will call it as inconsistence. Size and proportion- it plays very important role in identification. Size and proportion of the handwriting of an individual changes when he has not sufficient space to write other than this it remains same throughout. In size and proportion we take upper case and lower case letters and then observe whether the small letter is exactly half the size of capital letter, the small letter is more than half the size of the capital letter or the small letter is less than half the size of the capital

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