Homosexuality In Nigeria

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Homosexuality in Nigeria is a social issue a large number of people still seem to be uncomfortable with especially in the area of the lifestyle of homosexuals. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, homosexuality is a sexual attraction or tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. Although it is still unknown to many, the Nigerian society holds its traditional view of homosexuality. The traditional view encompasses religious and cultural values which hold that homosexuality is a disorder and abomination in the society. The religious and cultural beliefs against homosexuality are made clear through the establishment the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of 2013 (SSMPA) which includes: a) The recognition…show more content…
The media has a great influence on how homosexuality is viewed in a society. A large number of people rely greatly on the media for information on various topics especially subjects as sensitive as homosexuality in the society. The information gotten is taken from the media as it is without being questioned because there is no other major source of information on topics such as homosexuality. Information is communicated to the general public through the use of various mass communication channels which include the print media, electronic media, and the new age media. The electronic media also known as the broadcast media requires the use of an electric connection to gain…show more content…
It is a very popular tool for communication that provides both entertainment and information with various programs that appeal to a general public of different age groups. Western Programs usually European and American Based are seen in various countries including Nigeria through transmission from Direct Broadcast Satellites. Popular satellite providers like DStv, Gotv, Startimes tv, Mytv, Daasart, and the likes are used in Nigeria to transmit television Programs from major countries in the West like America and Europe. These television programs are where most information on various topics and social issues are gotten from by the general public especially youths in the society. It is believed that these television programs are used by the west to apply influential power in various countries including Nigeria. Western programs are also transmitted through local stations like NTA and channels which are viewed by youths who are exposed to foreign cultures 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE

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