Gender Discrimination In India

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Introduction Mrinal Pande was born in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh to the famous Hindi novelist Shivani. Initially she studied at Nainital, Uttarakhand and then did her Master’s degree from Allahabad University. After that she studied English and Sanskrit literature, archeology, ancient Indian history, the visual arts and classical music (at the Corcoran in Washington DC). At the age of 21, her first story was published in the Hindi weekly ‘Dharmyug’. She has been consistently writing since then, short stories to novels and drama, despite working in media, both television and press. She is an Indian personality, journalist and author and till date chief editor of Hindi Daily, Hindustan. She left Hindustan on August 31, 2009. She was appointed…show more content…
Discrimination on the basis of gender, harassment, pregnancy discrimination and unequal pay for women who do the same jobs as men. Discrimination against Indian girls starts as soon as the child is conceived. This gender discrimination has existed in our country for generations. Shockingly this discriminatory or biased attitude towards men and women have largely affected the lives of both the genders. Although equal rights for men and women have been granted by our Indian constitution but sadly this disparity still exists in our society. A very common and simple example for the better understanding of gender discrimination in seen in family land sharing among brothers and sisters. No laws says that it is the son or daughter who should get a bigger share of land but laws do state that this sharing should either be in equal ratio or the ratio decided by the parents. But usually the system that prevails in our society lends a bigger share to the son than to the daughters. This is just on one type of discrimination. Every day every minute there’s some or the other type of gender discrimination prevailing in the society. The government alone cannot eradicate this severe stain from our society. It is We the people who live in the society and practice such discrimination who can come to rescue. No matter how many rights be granted or how many laws be passed , gender discrimination shall be practiced in our…show more content…
Females of our country have been through gender discrimination for ages now and still continue to exist in many different forms. Any denial of gender, equality and opportunity is gender discrimination. It is nowhere nature’s fault. Nature does not discriminate between men and women. All around the world women are victimised not only on the grounds of social and political rights but also on the grounds of employment opportunities. This makes it very difficult for women to work and earn their livelihood. This sometimes acts as a hurdle on the way of a woman who wishes to be independent. Almost every female faces incidents of eve teasing . Also some unfortunate are assaulted sexually and raped. Why can’t girls feel safe and roam about? Why are girls so unsafe in our country? The answer lies in the mentality of citizens of our country. Men should be taught how important it is for them to respect every women and to safeguard every lady around rather than troubling or teasing them. Women should be given an environment where they can also think with liberal minds and heart rather than worrying about how unsafe it would be for them if they leave for home

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