Lance Mcclain's Character In Modern Media

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What makes a character in modern media likable? Most people would say it’s a combination of appearance and personality and they aren't wrong, a consistently nice person with a good design can make a splendid character. However, Lance McClain has his best traits develop from negative to positive over the course of Voltron Legendary Defender. The best kind of character is one that can show their worst traits develop into the best parts of them. Lance McClain demonstrates growth through mental health issues, vulnerability, and sympathy over the course of the show. Dreamworks makes Lance a character who can show positive and negative effects of mental health issues without villainizing anyone in the process. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity…show more content…
Lance, being the pilot is the leader of the trio and takes control of everything during the simulation. between here and meeting Keith later in the episode Lance demonstrates twelve out of fourteen traits of unmedicated ADHD. From running into an airlock, piloting a ship to crash to prove himself, to experiencing abnormal mood swings it's obvious his behavior does not mirror a normal 17-year-old. Lance is a great character because he develops from a jumpy kid to a person able to use his quick thinking to support himself and others in the team and reflects real life control over the problems one might face. While lance is learning to control his mental disabilities his development around self-esteem is more about opening up to his team. Lance McClain has always shown signs of severe self-esteem issues, while not always directly he often shows a need to prove himself to people. Lance is seen as a flirt and is set aside as a goofball for seeking attention through the beginning of the series. It’s been proven that self-conscious people are more likely to seek attention. Lance, often being the one show

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