Three Functional Functions Of Film Title

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一 The function of Title task 1.1 The mean of the function of Title task The function of Title task is "the concise summary of video content, concise and comprehensive to reveal the theme, meaningful significantly stimulate the audience's imagination". 1.2 Three functional functions of film titles 1.2.1Guide the viewing function Its function can be summarized as "Guide the viewing function": the film title is the name card, in a number of television advertising posters, it is still in a very prominent position, to highlight the content of the film, help the audience better understand the content of the film, for the release of the film to create a momentum; 1.2.2 Aesthetic pleasure function "Aesthetic pleasure…show more content…
The artistic form of the native language is used to convey the artistic beauty of the original image, emotion and language, so as to transmit aesthetic experience to the audience. First of all to achieve the aesthetic value with words. Key words should be sound and meaning beauty, expressive the expression of meaning. 3.1.4 The commercial value principle The commercial value principle film is a cultural and commercial art. Of course, business factors need to be taken into account in the translation of titles. First, it requires the translator to fully grasp the cultural characteristics and aesthetic interest of the target language, create the movie titles that audiences enjoy, arouse their psychological identification, stimulate the aesthetic pleasure and produce the desire to see. 四 The current situation of film title translation 4.1Many names of a…show more content…
If the translator does not have a deep understanding of the cultural background of the film and the social and cultural status of the country, the film can not be translated correctly. 4.4 The influence of commercial interests The influence of commercial interests is inevitably driven by the interests of a modern commodity. In this way, the translator needs some exciting, mysterious, popular and violent names to attract the audience's attention, which leads to the fact that the name and content of the film are not consistent with the original intention. 4.5 Apply a large translation model to overuse. Apply a large translation model to overuse To a certain extent, numerous translated names are the products of fierce competition in the film and TV market. Some translators, in order to arouse the curiosity and desire of the audience, are programmed to follow the successful blockbuster form of translation, and bundled similar films together for promotion. 五 How to solve the problems in the current situation of film

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