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Mid-Term Examination The Clash of Civilizations and Its International Implications By: Meidina Felita Alifandra 016201400183 IRE 2014 Diplomacy 2 Semester 7 I. Introduction As being stated by Samuel P. Huntington, the Clash of Civilization is a hypothesis in which the primary sources of conflicts in the post-cold war era are more dominant to the people’s cultural and religious identities. Civilization has three attributes which are the objective elements – language, history religion, customs, and institution; the subjective elements – variable levels of self-identification; and civilization itself is dynamic – they rise and fall, divide and merge. II. The Relation between the “Kin-Country” Theory by Samuel P. Huntington and The…show more content…
since it firstly declared its independence on May 14th 1948. The declaration of independence of Israel was then recognized by the Truman administration after the unilateral declaration was made. However, the beginning of Israel was being fully supported by the U.S including the massive military and financial aids - approximately 3 Billion US Dollars every year - as well as diplomatic support in the terms of protecting Israel – through the use of the U.S. veto in the United Nations Security Council – from being held accountable for its violation of international law was began in the following the 1967 war when Israel demonstrated its worth as a regional…show more content…
and Israel together creating the “peace process” by which the U.S. and Israel block the implementation of the two-state solution based on the requirements of international law, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 – which called Israel to withdraw from the territories it then occupied. The international consensus favored two-state solution for both Israeli and Palestinians to quickly solve the conflicts; the Palestinians accepted it but the U.S. and Israel rejected. The U.S. and Israel’s “peace-process” was one that rejects any application of international law in resolving the conflicts. The Americans are consents to the U.S. policy in supporting Israel – support Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. The U.S. keeps continue to support Israel because the U.S. considers Israel as a valuable strategic partner and often have the same goals and interests. III. Anti-Americanism in The Arab World and How the U.S. Government or People Improve Arab Perception IV.

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