Critical Thinker Characteristics

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The Characteristic of Critical Thinker According to Halpern (1998) there are six characteristics of critical thinkers those are curiosity, humility, researcher, listener, objectivity and creativity. Great thinkers always want to know the knowledge that they think are less valid, then they will be continuing their own study to find out the information from different sources. Research is one of the great thinker way to find the information they learned to find a satisfactory answer based on the information obtained. Not just listen to what others have to say, but great thinker also participated to deliver their opinions. Objective is the nature of a great thinker because they have a purpose and consistent on what they want to achieve and not easily influenced by others. Great thinker always full of creativity. Because creativity is the ability to find something new and different to the others. Based on David Graddol (2006), there are some indicator that indicated characteristic of critical thinker. They are analyze, perspective, creativity, conclusion and communication. Analyze the information of data, idea, or concept with accurately. Perspective, they are able to have many knowledge about anything. So, they can give their opinion logically based on the evidence, and rebut the unreal information or knowledge.…show more content…
They only depend on their teacher. But as we know that many new knowledge can they get in many sources and they can learn by their own way to increase their achievement in the school. Many student less critical thinking in the class, because during learning process after teacher explain the material, there is no one students ask about that. When the teacher ask to students “Any questions?”, of course the students answered “No”, but in the fact when the teacher give the task they always complain if the task is very difficult and teacher did not explain about
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