Jennifer Lopez Critical Thinking

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In today’s society, the usage of critical thinking is becoming more and more extensive, as its role is to fully develop ourselves intellectually as a person (Boss, 2015 p. 6). At a certain point in our lives we gain the abilities to judge and to make decisions. These decisions are our stepping-stones to help us pursue what we want in life. Trying to become a pop star is not an easy feat, yet JLo attained the skills of a critical thinker in order to get to where she is today. Jennifer Lopez has publicized countless of these skills in the media such as, analytical skills, communication skills, open-minded skepticism without ethnocentrism, creative problem solving, and collaborative learning. With a new film that was recently released and over…show more content…
In a letter from Jennifer Lopez, she states that she “grew up in a neighborhood that was not privileged, with an awareness of what must go without” (Lopez Family Foundation 2014). She also brought up how there are numerous children that “grows up without the access to quality health care, doctors, and health care facilities” and that to her is “unacceptable” (Lopez Foundation Family 2014). For this particular reason, JLo and her sister, Lynda, decided to create the Lopez Family Foundation. Her goal is to be able to provide health care and health education to women and children, regardless of their ability to pay (Lopez Family Foundation 2014). Lopez’s organization emphasizes on the condition and welfare of women and children, in which Lopez undertakes a tactic that will reach concentrated impact in the area of children’s health worldwide (Lopez Family Foundation 2014). Lopez empathizes, “The world can be a wonderful place, brimming with opportunity. But for far too many, it is still filled with daunting challenges and limited chances for a better life. Please join us as we work to change that picture… where children are concerned, there is no time to lose” (Lopez Family Foundation 2014). JLo’s creative problem solving and collaborative learning ties in to together to create a life changing foundation that further enhance her role as a critical

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