Comparing Aladdin And The Enchanted Lamp

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Leadership is a key trait that many followers seek in an individual. A poor leader, Aladdin, from the tale “Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp,” tries to become a leader by changing his life around and becoming a merchant, in order to sustain him and his mother financially. Similar to Aladdin, Khaireddin al-Tunisi from the Arab world, tries to become a leader by trying to convince others that freedom and justice were not Christian principles but fails. Unlike Aladdin or al-Tunisi, Ma’aruf, from the short story “The Tale of Ma’aruf and The Cobbler,” becomes a leader by convincing several people to believe him about his money. Another great leader in the Arab world is Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, a leading figure of the first Arab Renaissance or the…show more content…
Al-Tunisi was more of a bureaucrat than a real intellectual. He is a failed reformist who tried to apply the principle of justice in Tunis and Istanbul by strengthening the minster’s power to limit the ruler’s power. He is remembered more of an ordinary official who ran his career successfully with some luck, similar to the fictional character, Aladdin. Aladdin’s father tried many times to teach his son the trade of a tailor; however, Aladdin would not pay attention nor stay for an entire day to learn the ways of a tailor. Aladdin did not have the qualities of a leader as he was irresponsible, impulsive and lazy. Once Aladdin’s father passed away, Aladdin became even more thoughtless, as he would spend his time away from home, returning only for meals, making his mom sell the store and take cotton-spinning in order to support herself and Aladdin. Aladdin showed his porous ability to lead and judge individuals by allowing a sorcerer to become close to him and his mother by posing as his uncle. The sorcerer is only interested in using Aladdin as a pawn for his own schemes. Aladdin gets lucky by finding a magical lamp to help him become rich, get married to a princess, and eventually defeat the sorcerer. Aladdin does not inspire, guide or persuade anybody, and only uses his lamp for his own selfish reasons. Aladdin was a lousy leader of men similar to al-Tunisi and did not have any of the qualities that Al-Afghani had or said a good leader must

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