The Importance Of Critical Theory In Education

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INTRODUCTION These days there is distinguishable characteristic in the younger people, an observation on the younger generation stipulates that they cannot argue or reason in any public places. There is this inarticulateness among them where it seems impossible to express themselves in a clear and effective way. Young people cannot participation in public debates and dialogues and there is a clear view that they have a lacking ability to express themselves without getting upset or angry on sensitive topics, they do not have the capacity to argue (Jansen, 2015). In this assignment I am going to emphasize on the use of Critical theory in education for future generations to start participating in academic debates in a justifiable and ethical…show more content…
74), and focuses on how this power and domination of these systems actually operate. This is very important because of the observation made by Professor Jansen, the problem we have in younger people does in fact includes all three of these systems and this is why Critical theory is important towards helping the future generations to start speaking their minds, but in a justifiable and ethical way. Inarticulateness of our younger people in South Africa will be a thing of the past if and only if we can get them to start questioning the power structures, and start speaking their minds. Being liberated from this power oppression. One aim of this theory is to dig deeper than just the surface of our social lives, helping us uncover what is being accepted as true that is keeping us from a truthful understanding of how the world is working (Crossman, 2017). This will however be a great asset in educating future stars, if you will, because there will be a change in the way they think. Critical thinking forms part of Critical theory that makes it possible to analyse what is being said and not to just accept what is being said. Critical theory to put it more in an understanding is simply disciplined thinking powered by clear intellectual standards (Bassham, Irwin, Nardone, & Wallace, 2008, p.…show more content…
Changing this issue regarding the youth in South Africa it needs to start in the educational systems, and that is where we come in. Educators are in this privileged position to influence the children and learners, could it be in a positive or negative way. We know that we are in a system not being able to express ourselves and that must stop. The future generations have to change their mind-set, and they won’t be able to do it on their own, because the system doesn’t allow it. From a young age we have to teach children to speak their thoughts and learn the ability to have an authentic dialogue, in order for this they need to listen to the argument and by integrating the priorities of the one who listens, the results wanted will possibly become present (Covey, 1994:188 & Goulston, 2014). There will also need to be mutual respect. Maybe to bring in a subject called Debating, where from a young age they are taught to speak, argue, listen and raise questions. This will sutrainly help with a change in

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