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REPORTER: The reporter/aunt (Demetri) called with concerns for the victims, Carlie, Brandon, and two unknown children. On today (09/29/2015), the reporter went to her son’s school (unknown child) and noticed that Carlie’s shoes were torn up, her hair wasn’t combed, and she was sick. The reporter said she took the child with her to get the child some medicine. The reporter said she told the mother Carlie was sick, but she didn’t do anything. The reporter said she was going to take the child to the doctor, but the mother contacted the police on her, and said she “kidnapped” her child and she broguth the child back. The reporter said Tomisina and her boyfriend (Jessie) are doing sexual things in front of Carlie. When asked “what type of sexual things are they doing in front of the child, she said “I’m not sure”.…show more content…
The reporter believes they (mom and boyfriend) are doing things around the child and that is where she’s getting these things from. The reporter said mom’s bed is broken, and they are sleeping on a futon in the living room. The reporter said, when she goes over, Tomisina will try and get the stuff up off of the floor so they can’t see where they are sleeping. The reporter went over to the home (unknown when) and saw Tomisina “layed out on the couch”, and Carlie was covered in food”. The reporter said the house is roach infested. The reporter believes Tomisina is “on something” because she has lost weight, she’s been in and out of mental health facilities, and she in on medication for anxiety and depression. The reporter said Tomisina doesn’t care what her daughter does. According to the reporter, when Tomisina was at her mother’s (unknown) home, Demetri placed her in the shower with her clothes on to wake her up because it appeared that she was “ high off of something

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