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This essay will explore the professional values supporting effective practice with children and young people, I am going to reflect on ethical, legal and professional responsibilities to the case study based scenario. Discussion based on a range of controversial issues relating to legal and professional responsibilities within the child adolescent. Finally I will report and record critical incidents occurring at the practice. All individuals have their own values, beliefs, and attitudes that develop throughout their lives. Values are reflected in the way we live our lives and belief is known to be an internal feeling that something is true. Attitude is expressed through behaviour and words, it is the way individuals express their values and beliefs. Morals are based on right or wrong, ideas and beliefs about the way they should behave. Values come from…show more content…
Values and principals are an important source of practice. Every childcare setting should be dedicated to anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families. Childcare settings should challenge attitude that promote discrimination so that children are prepared for life in the diverse society. This can be done through making the practice an environment where everyone feel valued and welcomed, improve understanding and knowledge of disabilities, belief and culture, and value and respect the differences between people. As a childcare worker you should value and respect children as a unique. All children are unique and as a practitioner you should be aware of how to work with children with needs. In a practice you should think about how to deal with issues in an ethical way. This can be done by recognising the beliefs and values held by everyone involved, show respect for everyone, also show that there is more than one findings to a

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