John Smith Case

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Introduction This paper presents a case study of a dispute between a worker who has an accident at the workplace and his employer. The paper will critically analyze the argument by following the critical thinking step in an attempt to solve the problem. John Smith, one of the organization’s workers, injured his hand with a machine while attending to his duty at the work place. The accident results into a dispute over who should be held responsible for the accident. Parties, the injured worker and the employee have their evidence to support their claims. The injured worker claims argue that he followed all the safety procedures and blamed the employer because the company did not assure him that the machine was safe for use. On the other hand,…show more content…
Employees steer the success of the company despite incredibly risking their lives. Companies handle numerous chemicals and machine that endanger the lives of peoples of mishandled. Without the plan of the employers, the employees could not seed for employment. The owner of the company before any venture analyses any risks associated with the business. The employees may less likely understand fully the consequence of poor focus and partial concentration. As required, the employers should give a detailed information about the work performance and explicit details about the risks. Documentation about the rule and regulation also need appear clear in an accessible place. Since the employer is the one who endanger the people, the employers should ensure liability insurance of the workers. In almost all the situations, the employers must bear the blame. The injury arises from his establishment. Clifford who was a philosopher, usually called for adequate evidence in order to belief a concept knows as evidentialism. According to his, it displays ignorance to judge without supporting facts. Pascal on the other side opposes Clifford that always evidence cannot indicate the truth, hence application of faith. Claim based on evidence most of the time can appear as misleading and denial of justice. In the study case, the machines appeared to be in safe condition but determination to the degree safety is difficult. Communication in the…show more content…
According to him unjustifiable beliefs in God propagates intellectual and moral failures. The employer should ensure the working condition, the safety of the equipment and the concentration of the employees. The supervisor and the owner should allow the possible risks are notices and all necessary factors taken to avert the

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