Argumentative Essay On Net Neutrality

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The Internet is very well known around the world and used by millions of people. It’s a place people go to in order to do things like, pay bills, watch videos, download music, find recipes etc. It has been around for many years and it keeps evolving and innovating as time goes on. There has also been controversy surrounding the Internet and one of the biggest topics that are always brought up is the subject of net neutrality. Net neutrality is basically the convention that Internet service providers (ISP) need to enable access to all of the content regardless of the source, and they also need to not favor or block any certain websites or products. Two great articles that get into great detail on this subject are “The FCC Tackles Net Neutrality”…show more content…
Both Choi and Kim give detailed examples of why big corporations need net neutrality to be removed and why it benefits them in the long run. The way that net neutrality affects these big corporations is that they no longer have the ability to block certain content from reaching their consumers. Comcast, Verizon, At&t and other’s want certain content to reach their customers especially ones that they have partnerships with because it allows them to make more money. One example is Comcast; they have a service where they offer video streaming for a small fee. This small fee is charged to new customers, while old customers have this service for free. The problem Comcast is having is that they have to compete with popular services like Hulu and Netflix. What Comcast then does, is they block certain networking protocols and slow down the customer’s service whenever they or Netflix or Hulu. This forces the consumer to then use the service that Comcast offers because it runs “faster” then other video streaming services. If net neutrality is not taken down, then these corporations can be on the verge of losing millions of dollars. They need it to be taken it down on order for them to thrive in today’s market. In the article Choi and Kim explain that, “for instance, ISPs such as Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T oppose network neutrality regulations and claim that such regulations would…show more content…
It gives people a great view on what Net Neutrality is all about and why it’s good to have it in the first place. Ross, Egoism and the right’s theories all do a great job and the likeness of each of their values matches up really well with the one’s in the articles. Fidelity, Gratitude and Justice really show why Ross’s theory fits in well with a certain portion of the topic and Egoism gives excellent examples as to why companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T need net neutrality to be taken down. In the end the rights theory is what comes out on top because it allows both side of the stories to be told. This is a controversial subject that will be talked about as long as the Internet exists. Consumer and businesses will always clash and all it takes is for a brave company to come out of the shadows like Google to end this feud once and for all. Things like trust and loyalty is what every company needs and until this happens, the Internet will be on the front page of every article for times to come. If consumers, small entrepreneurs and content providers let their guard down for one second, then everyone is bound to pay the

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