Limitation Of Diplomacy

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3. What is the limitation of diplomacy using technology? Give examples! Despite all the helpful features of the technology, especially the information and communication technology, on diplomacy, there are also numbers of the limitation of the technology that are in some way become the double-edge sword for the diplomacy itself. There are three main limitation of the technology itself for the practice of diplomacy which are the pervasive surveillance, cyberwar, and loss of privacy. In addition to that, the using of the technology, specifically the social media, for diplomacy has been giving both ease and difficulties for diplomacy itself. The difficulties itself can be found in the spread of propaganda in the social media. The technology has…show more content…
The DNA of diplomacy starts to change during the cold war era in which states did not fight through the armies any longer but instead the spread of the ideology to other states. In 21st century, the diplomacy is no longer talking about war but instead it is today focus on the cooperation among the states and international trade. The technology, especially the information and communication technology, plays a very crucial role in the changing of the diplomacy’s DNA. The presence of internet has made people connected globally which then known as the globalization phenomena in which the borders among state start to fade. The globalization has not only connected people but also the states and encourage the states to cooperate one another which then created the interdependence of the states in the world. Nowadays, diplomacy has been focusing on the management of the relations between both states and states to other actors. The activities of diplomacy are also notably changed by the technology from a conventional diplomacy to a modern diplomacy as follow: a.…show more content…
In the old diplomacy, international negotiations are mostly done by the diplomats and the diplomats would have to discuss with the specific institutions in the home country. The modern diplomacy has make it possible for the specific sector to negotiate with the related sector with other country without the help of the diplomats. This means that the diplomacy in modern age is not only done by the official diplomats but instead the diplomacy can be done by almost all of the government body and even the people. The negotiation in old diplomacy was done mostly through the direct meeting which was costly yet modern diplomacy can be done easily through the technology such as emails and video conference which are way more efficient. c. Communication Communication in the diplomacy activity refers to the gathering information in the host countries that are needed by the home government and to deliver it to the home country. In the era of old diplomacy, the assigned diplomats have to be hardworking in order to gather the information and it would take long time to send the information home and to get replied by the home government. The advancement of the technology has made it easier both in gathering information, analyzing, and sending it to home country within second. d. Public

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