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MMH356 Change Management Trimester 2, 2014 PROGRESS REPORT on National Australia Bank (NAB) Organisation Profile National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the four major financial institutions in Australia. It provides a complete variety of banking and financial services franchises in United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Asia. National Australia Bank was founded in 1858 and it's headquarter is located in Docklands, Australia. NAB have estimated over 12,400,000 customer based globally. According to the market capitalisation, NAB is ranked among the top 20 Bank in the world according to the National Australia Bank Group, 2014. NAB offers Business Banking, Personal Banking, and Wholesale Banking, Corporate Functions…show more content…
These factors may have political, economic, sociological, technological, legal or environmental dimensions. A PESTLE Analysis for NAB must look at all the six factors we have mentioned. The increase numbers of political instability can affect the business by the Democratic government, political legislation. Technological Factors NAB's operations obviously have a significant technological impact. In 2010, a technical glitch has impacted all NAB Services from ATM telephone and Internet. This disrupt has affected many customer and resulted customer were unable to successfully transact using a range of NAB banking channels including ATMs, internet banking and telephone banking. The break down was caused by a corruption of an incomparable system file. This issue has been hail as one of the largest breakdown in the history of Australian banking system. Political and Economic Factors Government are imposing new regulations on the banking sector which had lead to an increase in costs for big 4 Banks in Australia including NAB. Any new regulation may take into account the potential impact on Australian banks ability to be competitive in a global market. The impact of tougher regulation has trigger the increase in interest rates and have reduced customer ability to repay their…show more content…
Identify the source, measure, and take it into action is effective way of avoiding the interventions. The way of resisting the interventions are discussed below. Human resource interventions Human resource management intervention: Human resource management intervention is very critical intervention for any organisation. NAB is aware that it’s people who are the most important to their success. NAB has continue on building a better work place where the focus is on fulfilling their personal ambition while also satisfying their customer needs. To avoid early or unplanned retirement, NAB has developed a program for their mature employees. This program enables innovative solutions to tackle their career and health needs. It also helps managers and employees to make ideal decisions (Comcare 2011). Retaining employees and rising the finest talent is most important in the current business. NAB offers an integrated package of training and development. This will help NAB to identify the potential people to move leadership position. By accelerating the development of

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