Groupon Case Study

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Stage 1: Problem Recognition When Groupon users realize that they have a prevailing need, this can serve as a springboard for the entire purchase decision process to commence. An example might be that they realize a need or a want for a specific item, such as a portable charger for their Bluetooth headset or they may have noticed the need to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to complement their Apple iPad. Groupon subscribers may also determine their need or want through Groupon’s “deal-of-the-day” email via website or they may also search through the various deals presented on the Groupon app when perusing on their cell phones. Stage 2: Information Search Consumers begin seeking information on the products or services that may be associated with their needs or wants. This may be done through an internal search, where the consumer may remember a past purchase experience with a particular product or even a particular brand. A consumer can also conduct an external search for a potential product, using public or personal sources. Public sources would include Groupon customer reviews while marketing sources would refer to advertisements on websites and social media outlets that are created by Groupon to increase their own brand name recognition. Personal sources would include family…show more content…
In the example of Groupon, the factors that the subscriber decides upon will consist of the different deals that Groupon is offering at that moment and how they relate to the consumers current need or want. The consumer then can compare the value of the deals by examining several different aspects of the deal that may be pertinent to the consumer at that time. The consumer would then make a purchase decision based upon the deal that best fulfills their needs or wants while meeting their criteria closer than any other product may

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