Consumer Loyalty Importance

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The contemporary globalised markets and the continuous flow of information all around the industrial scenario has increased the consumer’s expectation along with the competitive market pressure. Few terms like productivity, efficient services and consumer satisfaction have become the echoing words in the organisational structure that requires extra attention from the employer’s and company’s end. In order to survive in the competitive business environment organisations have to concentrate upon strengthening their consumer’s satisfaction strategies for ensuring consumer loyalty in the long run of business. It is an evident fact that consumers have become the centre of attraction for businesses these days, it is essential for companies to…show more content…
Thus, consumer forms the most essential element in order to deliver competitive advantages to the organisations in the respective business environment. Apart from this, the term consumer loyalty has been considered as a tangible asset for the organisations as well as for any organisational strategy. Consumer satisfaction plays the most significant role in delivering sustainability and profitability at the same time. The factor not only contributes in developing a happy consumer base and a chunk of satisfied consumers, but also works as an indicator in the context of delivering insight about the target market and their requirements which would help the companies to compete in such a competitive environment. Therefore, the importance of assessing consumer loyalty could be realised in terms of understanding the advantages derived from the existing consumer base of an…show more content…
Here, the brand loyalty model would be evaluated in the context of assessing consumer loyalty and also to address the relative factors which had not been attended earlier. On the other hand, the major antecedents are subjected to explore in relation to brand loyalty measurement models and the aspects include involvement with the brand, perceived value, consumer satisfaction, buying pattern, consumer commitment and so

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