Examples Of Nonverbal Persuasion

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Introduction The first US presidential debate on television marked a classic foundation for a whole new generation. In 1960, the presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon is described as the mother of all presidential debates till date. It is nothing new that Kennedy showed the charisma that helped him to win the debate. However, this victory also helped him to follow it up during the elections thus making him as the 35th President of United States. Hence, we need to have a close look at what are the characteristics that worked in favor of Kennedy during the debate. Many experts say that Nixon came up with so many points and hence did a lot of talking. On the other hand, Kennedy shared the points which are necessary and showed that unusual calmness which attracted millions of Americans. It’s been said that this nonverbal communication influenced people a lot. This miraculous act of nonverbal persuasion helped Kennedy to gather the people of America and their unbelievable support even during his times as President. Therefore, in this paper we would have a closer analysis on how nonverbal persuasion worked well for Kennedy during the paper. Understanding…show more content…
The people who cannot speak normally communicate through sign languages. This helps to understand their communication through their body language. In nonverbal communication, the most important aspect is nonverbal persuasion which makes people make judgment based on one’s appearance and the kind of characteristics shown by them without actually speaking any words. The nonverbal persuasion would be a result of behaviors such as facial expressions, dress code, physical steadiness, the reflection of mood and other factors related to body language (CReducation.org Staff, 2015). The presidential debate shows Kennedy reflected all these behaviors through his body language during the debate with

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