Retail Banking Case Study

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A growth in the number of customers in Mauritius has a major impact in the marketing strategies used by organizations. National and Multinational organizations are straiving to provide customer satisfaction. The buying patterns of consumers' changes occasionally therefore organizations must implement new strategies daily. Marketing mix has a big impact on customer satisfaction nowadays due to an upward trend in this sector. This study describes the impact of marketing mix on customer satisfaction using a case study of retail and corporate organizations in Mauritius. A field research will be conducted in retailing stores such as SPAR, SUPER U, Mc Donalds, Orange, SBM (State Bank of Mauritius) [Contents to be changed later]. An increase in globalization…show more content…
McDougall, (1996) "Determinants of customer satisfaction in retail banking", International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 14 Iss: 7, pp. 12 – 20] stated that customer satisfaction and retention are critical for retail banks, and investigates the major determinants of customer satisfaction and future intentions in the retail bank sector. Identifies the determinants which include service quality dimensions, service problems, service recovery and products used. Finds, in particular, that service problems and the bank’s service recovery ability have a major impact on customer satisfaction and intentions to…show more content…
According to this definition, the value of the product ,the value of conformity and business behavior is to be provided by food retailing (Yurdakul and Koç, 1997). A good business culture such as good functional job analysis, the appropriate method of sales, the appropriate location, the appropriate people, and the appropriate product policy is maintained by the point of sales management sales. In addition, the point of sales management maintains the placement of the product, the pricing method to be used, the labeling to be used,the working hours of staff and finally uses sales promotion strategies to create a difference with the competitors. Important features of food retailing companies should consist of a showcase style, good parking and provide spaces for customer, good lighting and decor , good attitude and behavior of staff, air conditioning. Work done by Karabulut (1998) stated that the purchasing standards, the logistics and inventory system, including burglary prevention system are very important in retailing

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