S11 House Case Study

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5.0 Building Materials of S11 House (322) Based on Materials and Resources (MR) criteria as listed in Green Building Index (GBI) as one of the six key criteria to design a green building in Malaysia and also worldwide, this section promotes the use of eco-friendly materials sourced from sustainable sources and recycling. Implementation of proper construction waste management with storage, collection and re-use of recyclables and construction formwork and waste are emphasized here. Building materials are used throughout the life cycle of a building, which starts from the construction phase, maintenance and alteration. Materials carry impact on building ranging from appearance, buildability of the building and cost. As a result, sustainable materials are highly encouraged to be used in green buildings so that negative impact to environment can be minimized. For the construction of S11 House, there are few building materials that has been use in S11 House that contribute to the nature at the same time…show more content…
Indoor temperature of the house can be stabilized when brick is able to store and absorb heat. With this property, heat lost is able to be prevented during night time and maintaining thermal comfort of interior during day time. In addition, bricks also consist of the characteristics of acoustic isolation. As bricks has greater density, thus it is able to provide higher acoustic insulation. Moreover, brick has high efficiency in revisiting and preventing the spread of fire due to its low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity. Low thermal conductivity can prevents fire spreading by inhibiting the rise in temperature of the wall due to the high heat capacity of bricks. Bricks also inclusive of zero flammability, surface spread of flame and refractory properties, cause it retain it strength and integrities up to

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