Human Factors In Software Development

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Minimizing project risks is important in software development process. Investigation on risk management in software development has especially concentrated on forming instructions for different tasks. It helps to avoid project failure due to improper schedule, budget constraints and dissatisfaction of customer expectations. Risk management handles the project in the aspect of risk identification and rectification in order to develop control measures. Rectification may not mean abandoning the task that involves risk. The tasks which are rated as high risk tasks are essential to register the uniqueness of the product over other competitive products in the market. The main motivation of risk management is to identify all possible risks associated…show more content…
So there is a need to develop trustworthy software for various fields. Software development is the process which is based on human based intellectual activity. During implementation, various issues especially issues related to appropriate representation of developers participating in the development processes may be occur. As well-known software development is a human-centered process, the process and the performance is influenced by human factors. Effect of human factors in the development process may be customer oriented (influencing the software development market) or developer oriented i.e. (Influencing the development process) and finally having a distinguishable impact on success by being a manager. Human factors associated with the development process can be viewed from different aspects such as psychological, cognitive, management and technical. Different human factors may influence different levels of impact in the process and it may vary from organizational to individual. Even though human factors have specific importance in software development, it should not be overlooked in risk management process which may lead to improper assessment. So there is a need to identify and describe the human factors in an efficient manner to avoid the potential losses associated with the risk. In the following sections we are going to see the factors which…show more content…
Productivity Persons involved in the development process can be represented in terms of their productivity. Productivity can be explained as the amount of output per unit of input. Time required to complete the process can be derived from the relationship between person’s productivity and time taken by the person. Personal productivity of a person will vary according to the time. In order to fix the productivity of a person, productivity of a person over a long time period should be taken into consideration. Otherwise it leads improper assessment. B. Skills, Experiences and

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