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Abstract- English is a language that is spoken by around 360-400 million people on this planet and understanding it is not at all easy. The meaning of a sentence varies according to the context and the tone of the speaker. To convey the thoughts efficiently, the knowledge of the language and its various rules is very important as thoughts take the form of words and the words take the form of action. One should aim to minimize the errors while using the language. Lesser is the number of mistakes, better will be the communication. To aid in achieving this goal, we are creating a frequency based spell checker and a rule based grammar checker for English language. The grammar checker focuses on detecting and correcting tense related mistakes.…show more content…
INTRODUCTION To err is human, and the same is applicable for languages also. We make mistakes while writing English, which can be divided into two kinds: spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. Spelling mistakes are mistakes where the given word does not belong to vocabulary of the language whereas grammatical mistakes correspond to the mistakes where the sentence does not confront to rules imposed the language’s grammar. A spell checker is a software or program or idea which is designed to spot misspellings in a text while either automatically correct them or suggest different spelling options. Spell checkers can be very helpful when you want a polished document without any spelling error. A Grammar checker is a software or program or idea which is designed to spot grammatical mistakes in the given text with the capability of either automatically correcting the mistakes or suggesting correct options. II. LITERATURE REVIEW Spell Checking and Grammar Checking are very important tasks in the process of writing. When people are in hurry to submit an essay or abstract or any written piece in any language these aspects are recklessly abandoned without thinking of the consequences. Considering the fact that if you are given a material that has various spelling and grammatical mistakes and due to which the entire document does not deliver the idea that it must than would you be convinced about the idea the writer wants to…show more content…
Present 2. Past 3. Future Our grammar checker is based on the English grammar rules, which most of us have read in our schools. Since these rules are key to the grammar checker, we are listing down the rules in details. Present Tense It is used to tell about present time i.e. the things that are currently going on .It is further divided into 4 types: Simple present Simple sentence Negative Sentence Interrogative Sentence Rule Subject + verb +s/es in Third Person Subject+ do/does+ not+ base form of verb Do/does+ subject+ base form of verb +? Note Do(used with plural noun) Does(used with Singular noun) Present Continuous Rule Subject + is/am/are + present participle Subject+ is/am/are+ not+ present participle Is/am/are + subject+ present participle+? Note are(used with plural noun) is(used with Singular noun) am(used with I) Present Perfect Rule Subject + has/have + past participle[3rd form of verb] Subject+ has/have+ not+ past participle Has/have+ subject+ past participle+? Note have(used with plural noun) has(used with Singular noun) Present Perfect Continuous Rule Subject + has/have+ been+ present participle Subject+ has/have+ not+ been+ present participle Has/have+ subject+ been+ present

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