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5.1. First step of the analysis: sentiment extraction The first step of the framework allows detecting the sentiments of users on an interested entity. It involves the following phases: Entity selection The first and the most important step for the sentiment analysis implementation is the definition of the entity to analyse. The entity can be a/an: product/service, event, person, organization, or topic that is composed by aspects (features/attributes) that represent both components and attributes of the entity. Social Media selection Another important sep step of the sentiment analysis implementation is represented by the selection of the Social Media to monitor in order to extract consumer reviews associated with general or specific entity…show more content…
According to Bing Liu (2002), for the opinion extraction three different levels of analysis can be considered: - Document level: allow classifying whether a whole opinion document expresses a positive/ negative sentiment…show more content…
It is expressed by using comparative or superlative form of an adjective/adverb e.g. “I-Phone camera is better than Samsung” and “I-Phone is the best”. On considering the explicit opinion it is a subjective statement that gives a regular/comparative opinion, e.g., “I-phone quality great,” and “I-Phone camera is better than Samsung” ; while the implicit opinion is an objective statement that implies a regular or comparative opinion e.g.“ the battery life of Samsung is longer than I-Phone Smartphone”. Data preparation The data preparation step involves all the preparatory activities (pre-processing) for the analysis of data such as removing non-textual contents and markup tags and removing information about the reviews that are not required for sentiment analysis. Sentiment extraction For the sentiment extraction two main approaches can be used. The first approach is based on the manual annotation while the second one is based on the use of statistical

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