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INTRODUCTION Sawdust powder molding technology is an engineered development in construction of boards of varying shapes and thickness. It involves utilization of sawdust that is normally disposed from the saw mill, wood construction practices such as furniture construction or wood making plants. These fine particles from sawdust can be mixed with resins to make boards of economic value by cold-compression .These products can be utilized in making of furniture, cabinet doors, deckig, and ceiling and bathroom walls. Sawdust powder boards can be sawn, shaped, nailed, drilled and screwed with normal woodworking tools and equipment. Saw dust suitable for the purpose of this project the waste from, for example, frame saw, band saw, circular saw…show more content…
The destruction of forest is one of the major human activities which have led to the continuous creation of imbalances in the ecosystem thus leading to climate changes. With the increased use of timber and timber products, deforestation has been inevitable. This calls for reduction of the dependence of man on timber so as to reverse this trend. This project focuses on producing products which provide the construction industry and any other sector using lumber/timber to maximize and reduce wastage of materials. The project uses readily available sawdust’s from sawmills and wood working…show more content…
By choosing an appropriate combination of matrix and reinforcement resin, a new material can be made that exactly meets the requirement of a particular application. So sawdust is an important renewable raw material and can be used in other areas moreover than heating. An adhesive such as urea phenol melamine is selectively used as a binder as it provides water proof effect. Sawdust powder molding technology is a venture of worthwhile economic importance in Kenya as it utilizes simple tools; equipment. This technology if given full attention will guarantee economic, aesthetic and reduce the degree of saw dust disposal such as burning. This invention relates to a process and apparatus for manufacture of chipboards from sawdust, preferably exclusively of sawdust. The project so relates to chipboards made from sawdust with the process and apparatus of the invention. By practice of the invention, as more fully herein after described, it is possible to make low density chipboards which exhibit the favorable bending and transverse tensile strength characteristics of high density chip board structures made from raw materials which are more expensive than sawdust obtained waste from, for example,

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