Concussions In Sports

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Introduction Interacting in sports can bring forth new experiences to a person and instill appreciated long term lessons along the way. People participate in a variety of sports such as baseball, lacrosse, boxing, volleyball, hockey, and golf; but in the United States, football is the most popular sport. Parents are enrolling their children in sports at an early age in hopes their kids will grasp the concepts of commitment, team work, loyalty, and cooperation. The beneficial aspect of the sport is that it builds your self-esteem, increases your capability, increase attentiveness, and helps by taking what they learn and using it to assistance them with daily obstacles in their life. With all the positives there are the negatives that are…show more content…
Over the past few years, American football fans have suffered through the news of the deaths of various football players. The deceased athletes range from high school players to recently retired NFL veterans. The issue of concussions and brain disease is the most visible issue in football today, but it is merely a symptom of the NFL’s deeply flawed culture that is characterized by dishonesty about research, misrepresentation for monetary purposes, and unnecessary danger for players. This has resulted in former players filing a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and many veterans advising their children not to play football. Another growing trend is athletes deciding to retire at an earlier age or walking away from the game before serious injury can…show more content…
What it comes down to be does an athlete have the right to participate in a dangerous sport knowing all the risk attached and the answer is yes. As it is the right for the everyday citizen to protest or have freedom of speech, if an athlete wants to risk their body in hopes of fame and fortune it is well within their rights. In the same token, football fans have a right to attend a football game to watch their gridiron stars perform or even stay home in the comfort of their home to watch the game. With that understood, it is the responsibility of the NFL to follow through with their self-created rules on concussion test in the better protection of its

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