Stalingrad Turning Point

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The Battle of Stalingrad started on July 17, 1942 when the German Sixth Army went to invade the city of Stalingrad, and it ended on February 2, 1943 with Germany's surrender. Many members of the Russians community consider this battle to be one of the most iconic battles of World War II, also the most dangerous. The Russians named it a Contemporary Cannae and the Germans referred to it as a Rattenkrieg, meaning "Rat War". It blocked the German advance in the Soviet Union and the war reached a turning point, being in favor of the Allies. The City of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) was located in Russia, along the Volga River. Stalingrad was a immense, industrial city that produced military weapons and tractors. As a result, Germany made it one…show more content…
The cold and hungry German soldiers in Stalingrad were outlawed to reach their supposed-to-be saviors. With one failed attempt to resupply the army, and one failed rescue mission, hope was running low for the Sixth Army, and victory seemed to be out of reach. German soldiers were dropping fast. So fast, that German General Paulus lost his all of his hopes and visions of taking over the city; because on February 2, 1943, he surrendered to the Soviet armies. The Soviets had won the Battle of Stalingrad. After the Sixth Army's surrender on February 2, 1943, only ninety-one thousand German men remained. A total of one-hundred and fifty thousand Germans died in the battle. The Soviet victory at Stalingrad was an overall embarrassment to Hitler, who was the one who raised the battle's significance. If Germany would have won the battle, they would have moved forward into the Soviet Union. This Soviet victory stopped them from moving forward, and created a turning point in the war that was in favor of the Allies (Great Britain, Russia, and the United States). The battle had also raised the Soviet's confidence. The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most deadly and significant battles in the history of World War

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