Concussions In Professional Sports

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A Concussion is believed to be an injury that occurs to the brain and is caused from an impact to an individual’s head. However it does not threaten the life of the individual, but can cause short and long-term complications. This can be considered a risk to the career and professional life of sports people. There are two types of concussions that may occur within the professional sport and everyday life of individuals. The first type is mild concussion that makes the person feel dazed as it is usually caused by being knocked out. The second type is severe concussion and is usually long term loss of consciousness and may take longer than usual to get back to normal. Being able to understand the professional sports life and developing prevention…show more content…
The issue was headline topic after an NFL player Junior Seau committed suicide. Players suing the league as they did not notify them of the danger and risk the sport can have on their health in the long run. As players believe that all leagues have knowledge and are aware of the potential risks within the sports since the early 1920’s. This is a great example of Blame the victim versus Blame the System. However whichever side wins this matter will still be controversial. Methods of change involve that the contracts will now acknowledge risks and potential injuries that may occur during the sporting career. This may take a while to be implemented within the sporting community and leagues, as it is a process (McGrea et al.…show more content…
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