Concussions In High School Sports

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According to a statistic on HeadCase, a website concerning the safety of student athletes, 1 out of 5 high school athletes will get a concussion during their sports season (“Sports Concussion Statistics”). Throughout my years of high school, I have always been told that I just need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. I have had several injuries from volleyball whether it is my hands, ribs, back, knees, or ankles. Normally I do not completely listen to the doctor’s advice, but now I do. Last year at the Versailles volleyball tournament, I got a concussion. After such a horrifying experience, I know now to listen to what the doctor tells me. I never realized how serious concussions were until I experienced one myself. We were neck and neck with Versailles when all of a sudden, Cassie Dearixon and I dove for the ball and collided heads. I do not remember much, and what I do remember is blurry. While I was laying on the ground, everything was pitch…show more content…
When I followed up with my family physician, she told me that all athletes with concussions must sit out for at least a week, so I did. A couple days later, we had a game at Smith Cotton in Sedalia. Just watching the game made me extremely dizzy and sick, so my mom and I left early. When I went back to school, I struggled with reading and math. I was as slow as a turtle reading in English and doing homework in math. I also had a horrible headache, so I went home the rest of the day. After a week of anxiously waiting to play again, I went back to the doctor. She told me that I seemed okay, but advised me to take it easy. That day we played Blair Oaks in the district tournament. During warm ups, I started to feel dizzy and nauseous and I could taste vomit in my mouth. I knew it was from my concussion, but I ignored what I was feeling and played to my 100% ability. During the game, I got hit in the head really hard with a ball and I immediately got

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