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Romeo And Juliet Outline I. Timelessness of Romeo and Juliet. A. Most audiences can easily identify Romeo and Juliet and main characters. B. Even people who have seen the play before and know how it ends still enjoy reliving the exciting story of Romeo and Juliet. C. Most people who have been to the play recognize that it is from a similar book. D. Romeo and Juliet were doomed from the start because of their passion of love that displayed their parents laws and because they unwisely married early they had even more trouble hiding their marriage. II. The exciting Background of Rome And Juliet. A. When Romeo and Juliet was released most people were already familiar with the story. B. Romeo and Juliet was based on the book The Tragicall…show more content…
III. The Prologue and Tragic fate of the beloved Romeo and Juliet. A. The prologue starts by Romeo and Juliet being introduced to the audience individually. B. Second part of the prologue is where romeo and juliet meet and fall in love at first sight. C. Even Brooke’s poems were based of older italian stories. D. Brooke says in his story that Romeo and Juliet has to die because they broke their parents law by having an unwisely marriage. IV. Romeo and Juliet question the age of the Ancient Starcrossed Astrology. A. In a later play from Shakespeare he has a character question the old idea of astrology. B. In Shakespeare's time most people believed in starcross astrology. V. The Persons Choice and Fate of Destiny for Romeo and Juliet. A. When Shakespeare said they were Starcross he didn't mean they were victims of fate . B. Romeo and Juliets selfmade decisions led to there own disaster leaving a permanent mark of peace in their families feud. C. ITs not just Romeo and Juliets fault that they died. Several characters had a part in the tragic ending. If Juliets father didn't force a marriage with Paris Romeo and Juliet

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