How Did The French Revolution Compared To The American Revolution

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American Revolution - Compare and Contrast Although Revolution is in both the french, and american it is not the same fight, nor the same issues. The American Revolution is what we are often taught first in history, When we become more educated we learn about the French Revolution. I have been researching the two, and I have found that there are many similarities and also a lot of differences between them both. The American Revolution was a war that was considered an open conflict between the 13 colonies. The war was based on many causes and events. The colonists believed that they should have had all the rights as Englishmen. The British Crown did not feel the same way, he believed that colonies were created “to be used in a way that best suited the crown and parliament. This war was ended by the Treaty of Paris, in 1783. This was the year that independence was won from Great Britain. The French Revolution was a war with many categories concerning the causes of the war such as; Political,…show more content…
King George and Louis XVI both inherited the throne. The people of their areas were complaining about how the country was run. The kings (Louis) and (George) could not change any rights nor change the privileges given to all people. While voting, people could be outvoted (overthrown) by clergs and nobles. Both countries (america and france) were in debt. The kings were raising taxes. The two countries wanted freedoms from the king, that woud declare independence. Due to the American declaration of Independence, France was inspired to believe that everyone was created equal, every man had unalienable rights, and that the government should act in the interest of people. This situation eventually made the people believe that the country should be run by a government chosen by the people, and if they dislike that government they can toss them out or “Overthrow”
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