Essay On Carbohydrates

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Energy is measured in calories, while calories refer to the unit of energy that is available to the body through the food that is consumed by that person. It is mentioned that 1 gram of is = 9 calories, while carbohydrates and proteins have only 4 calories per gram which is less than 30% of the total calories must come from fat. When we talk about carbohydrates there are two types that are simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are nothing but candies, honey, syrup and soda. While complex carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, dried bean and peas etc. A simple carbohydrate increases the blood sugar more than the complex carbohydrate. The complex carbohydrate satisfies a person’s hunger for a very long time and it is also a good choice because it has high fiber content. Hence 1 gram of carbohydrate= 4 calories which is 40%-50% from the diet consumed. When we talk about proteins they are really important for the body, they are present in meat, poultry, dry beans, eggs and nuts etc. hence 1 gram of protein=4 calories which is not more than 10%- 20% from the diet. When we say vitamins and minerals these are…show more content…
And also any dessert which comes with a tag saying sugar free does not mean that it is free from the carbohydrates or the calories. There are a number of sugar free cookies which contributes majorly in carbohydrates and calories, for example when we say sugar free gums it may definitely contain few calories which needs to be worked properly while planning the meal plan or the carbohydrate
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